Back Care

The Back Problem

Growing bodies need proper care, support and protection in relation to their neck and spine. Any damage done in these areas during childhood or adolescence can have lifelong consequences. Today research shows that more and more children are experiencing back and neck pain and that carrying heavy school bags can be one of the causes of this.

The Marathon Solution

Choose your school bag from our wide range of backpacks which Marathon have put 30 years’ experience into developing. Our experience has allowed us to fully understand how ergonomic design is vitally important when creating a backpack which will help combat the development of back pain and why at Marathon we:

  • Recommend backpacks
  • Offer advice on how to choose, fit and wear backpacks
  • We have designed our backpacks in conjunction with world leading professional organisations

Key Backcare Features

Shaped and adjustable padded shoulder straps

Padded back panel and internal base

Chest and waist straps to anchor the load

Multiple compartments with side compression straps.

Rules for using a backpack

  1. Choose the right sized bag to fit the child – bag height should not be greater than the length of their torso.
  2. Do not carry more than 10% of body weight
  3. Pack bag correctly – How to pack your bag
  4. Limit the amount they carry for their size
Marathon bags are proven to reduce the harmful impact carrying school books can have on children and adolescents
“Our pupil’s wellbeing is paramount”
Bromsgrove School