How To Pack Your Bag

Follow our steps below and learn how to use and pack your school bag correctly, and reduce the risk of strain and injury.

Is the pack the correct size?

The pack should be no higher than the height of the user’s trunk. Seat the user on a firm surface and measure between the base of the spine and the top of the shoulder. The pack should be no higher than this measurement.

Use the internal padded base

Ensure the fold down padded base is properly folded down and in position in the main compartment. This will add to the comfort and protection of the user’s back and reduce sagging; a contributing cause of discomfort.

Lighten the load

Research tells us to keep the loads carried in a backpack below 10% of the user’s body weight. This proves to be very difficult for students in British schools, so we must educate students of the need to only carry what they require.


How To Pack

  • Pack heaviest items against your spine and at the back of the bag
  • Pack midweight objects in the middle section
  • Pack lightweight objects in the front section
  • Always wear the backpack over two shoulders
  • Keep the load close to your spine.
  • Do not let it hang below your hips or pull away from your body.
  • Carry only what you need for the day.

How to wear your backpack

  • Ensure all zips are closed.
  • Wear both shoulder straps at all times.
  • Pull down on shoulder straps adjustments until the load is sitting on your hips (not below).
  • Adjust the load compression straps tightly every time.
  • Fasten waist belt to secure the load and assist the dispersion of weight.